Manual Lymphatic Drainage Vodder Method: DLM


Similar to the effect of a wave. The very light maneuvers performed on the dry skin create a pumping effect, allowing to drain excess liquids and toxins from the body present in the tissues and thus to improve circulation. Due to its softness it causes a deep relaxation.

The duration of a session is 1 to 1h30.

Several sessions may be necessary before obtaining apparent results, they will be even better accompanied by an appropriate diet and a sporting activity.

« The essential thing is not to be thin but well in your body »

Aesthetic applications and benefits :

- Care is recommended to people prone to heavy and swollen legs (due to poor venous return)

- Treats simple acne

prevention of stretch marks

- Decrease in cellulite and water retention

- Promotes weight loss

- Improvement of wound healing after cosmetic surgery

- lymphedema

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