Thai foot reflexology : the foot as mirror of the body

This ancestral technique from Asia is remarkably beneficial, it takes place on the entire foot and half leg, regenerating all energies beneficial to body and mind.

The idea is that « the foot is the mirror of the body », a global reading map where, to each reflex zone corresponds a very precise part of the organism. The feet have the particularity of possessing a large amount of nerve endings. Know that about 70% of the disorders are due precisely to nervous tension and you will understand that the « touch » of the feet is the ultimate solution.

Thanks to their anatomy, our feet support 100% of the body weight and we inflict an average of 7000 steps each day, it would be reasonable to give them the care they deserve!

Some Benefits:

- Causes a sensation of lightness, relieves the heavy legs,
- Fighting insomnia, headaches, and stress,
- Provides well-being and deep relaxation,
- Strengthens the immune system,
- It acts in depth on the nervous system.
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