Traditional Thai Massage : the spiritual.


Receiving a Thai massage is like « getting yoga done. »

The massage is practiced on a futon on the ground, the massed person is dressed in ample and comfortable clothes.

Stretching exercises are both dynamic and fluid. They are made in duo in a rhythm of continuous reciprocation. These exercises are usually based on yoga postures, the movements are controlled by the therapist.

The « energy » work consists of exercising maneuvers on precise regions or points traversing the energetic lines of the body. The therapist exercises these pressures with his palms and thumbs, taps the energy lines with his fingers, and can also use his arms, forearms, elbows and feet.

Some well-made:
- Handling, stretching exercises and special attention to breathing promote blood and lymphatic circulation and the elimination of toxins.
- It also helps to release muscular tensions and energy blockages, and restores the body flexibility and mobility.
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